Ranking the top 30 athletes under 30

It really is an amazing time to be a sports fan right now.

On top of that, in general, we're baring witness to the evolution of new regimes in each sport. Youth is a wonderfully limited gift, and what's amazing is that it's prevalent in all four major leagues — and some sports not in the core four.

While athletes like Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning and Ichiro continue to find ways to produce in spite of the youth movement, we can't deny that younger athletes are taking over the games we love.

Most of the top athletes right now can't even rent a car or can remember what it was like to walk into a Blockbuster Video. Think about that for a second.

Out of all these young, talented athletes ... who are the best?

Well, look no further. We broke down the top-30 athletes under the age of 30 — arguably the most difficult rankings system ever.

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