Long distance couple's split-screen Instagram proves that true love really does conquer all

What It's Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship
What It's Like To Be In A Long Distance Relationship

Relationships in general can be tough, and long distance relationships (needless to say) can be even tougher. But when you think of actual relationship goals, we promise you'll think of this couple after hearing their story.

Danbi Shin and Seok Li live thousands of miles apart but have somehow found a way to make their relationship work in an absolutely charming way. Here's the deal: Shin lives in New York and Li lives in Seoul. If you miss your significant other after being away from them for a few days, then you can only imagine how difficult it would be living away from them for much, much longer. But these two didn't let their distance affect their love. Instead, they found a great, modern way to make it even better!

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The pair started a joint Instagram account by the name of @shinliart to create split views of their distant lives. According to Mashable, they're calling this project "Half&Half," juxtaposing photos from their everyday situations.

According to their Instagram, each of the side-by-side photos are supposedly taken at the exact same time, despite the 14-hour time difference between Seoul and New York. The project all started with the duo wondering if anything can be created while being away from each other.

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Whether it's eating ice cream, going out for dinner or watching the sunset -- the couple is documenting their long-distance love in a unique way to share with the world. Talk about a love story worth telling.

Click through below for more of this couple's split-screen Insta-lovin:

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