Fast food employees share shocking truths about your favorite chain restaurants

Everyone knows that fast food restaurants aren't exactly of 5-star quality, but sometimes you've just got to indulge.

If the bad publicity, high caloric value and general media bashing of several chain restaurants doesn't override the overall deliciousness of McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A or any of their competitors, this might do the trick.

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Several fast food employees took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to confess what really happens behind closed doors at our favorite fast food joints.

You have been warned.

Late night cravings never tasted so good? Maybe not ...
I work at Taco Bell and when I close with my cool manager we get drunk, so if you come after 10 your tacos are made by a drunk person, sorry

This Burger King employee is testing some Pavlovian-esque conditioning techniques:
I work at Burger King and I put way too much shake syrup in shakes hoping people will think it

The golden rule of ordering food is always be nice to your servers:
I work at Taco Bell and when a customer is rude I purposely mess up their order

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words (and McFlurries) will never hurt you:
I work at McDonalds. If you are a jerk to us, we will make fun of you when you leave!

Getting an extra onion ring is like winning the golden ticket:
I work at Burger King Sometimes when I pack value onion rings, I put 9 instead of 8 rings in the bag #rebel

I guess not all slogans are based on truth:
I work at Wendy

You should remember how your attitude might affect your server's day:
I work at Taco Bell. I go from feeling friendly to wondering what it would be like to punch customers in the face.

Maybe nix that side of fries ...
I work at McDonald

The employees might have their own "secret menus" to unleash on nasty customers:
I work at taco bell, and I dropped a customer

Now this is our kind of fast food employee:
I work at Taco Bell, whenever someone doesn

Enough said.
I work at mcdonalds let

For more fast food confessions, check out Whisper.​​​

Don't worry -- not all fast food employees are out to get you! Check out this video below:

Best Fast Food Customer Service 2015

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