Family believes Pope's kiss helped shrink baby's tumor

Pope Francis Kisses Babies on the Way to Mass
Pope Francis Kisses Babies on the Way to Mass

These Pennsylvania parents believe they have witnessed a papal miracle!

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Joey and Kristen Masciantonio said that after their one-year-old daughter Gianna was kissed by the Pope, her brain tumor has shrunk drastically.

Screengrab courtesy of CBS Philadelphia
Screengrab courtesy of CBS Philadelphia

​Two months have passed since Pope Francis's U.S. tour, during which he kissed little Gianna's head amongst the crowds in Philadelphia.

Baby Gianna's brain scan in August of this year shows a visible brain tumor; but in her recent November scan the tumor is difficult to detect, indicating Gianna's tumor has shrunk.

As the tumor is unfortunately inoperable, this truly is some sort of miracle!

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See more of the Pope's visit to the U.S. here:

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