Big businesses are pitching in for Small Business Saturday

Big Businesses Are Pitching In For Small Business Saturday

Sandwiched between the stampeding hordes of Black Friday and the frantic clicks of Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday doesn't get quite as much attention — which is a shame because, as retail holidays go, it's a pretty worthwhile one. And while the whole point of the holiday is to recognize the underappreciated, local mom-and-pop shops, a few of the bigger businesses are reaching out a helping hand to the little guy.

If you're looking for places to shop, check out Eventbrite's listings. The online event platform is helping boost small businesses by featuring events and sales from partnering businesses.

And if you want to save even more money, Groupon is putting together a Small Business Saturday collection of coupons for local business.

Online retailer Etsy, which knows a thing or two about small businesses, is also encouraging individual makers and designers to partner with local businesses for special trunk shows; the company plans to showcase some displays on its Instagram page.

But the biggest partner for Small Business Saturday is American Express. The company founded the holiday as a marketing initiative in 2010 and has continued to fervently supply small businesses with special marketing and branding options.

One thing it won't be offering this year is a credit incentive for American Express cardholders who shop at a small business on Saturday. Previous years saw those customers getting $10 to $25 off their credit card statements; now, only select customers are getting that privilege.

If you want to participate in Small Business Saturday, check out American Express' store locator, or look for businesses using the #ShopSmall hashtag and branding.

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