Best holiday gifts for outdoorsy guys and girls

best gifts for outdoorsy people
best gifts for outdoorsy people

We've all got that friend who wants nothing more than to spend their nights beneath the stars, making griddle cakes over an open fire and hiking up mountains just for the fresh air. These friends don't care so much about Christmas ornaments or fine bottles of wine, their tastes are less extravagant -- they value time spent in the great outdoors, physical activities like biking and sipping home-brewed IPAs. These friends can be tough to shop for, but lucky for you, we've made this awesome list of the perfect gifts for those people.

Anyone who's ever been camping knows to bring along a tin mug for coffee in the morning, so give your outdoorsy friend this fun 'Happy Camper' coffee cup to use instead of their boring old silver version.

Get it here.

happy camper outdoor camping mug
That weekend was in tents graphic tee

This t-shirt makes the perfect present for your nature-loving friend who also enjoys a good pun.

Get this clever tee here.

Even the most all-natural of your female friends has one or two toiletries she can't live without, even when out on the trail, so get her this printed makeup bag to bring along in her Osprey.

Get it here.

printed travel toiletry bag
bicycle printed water glasses

Colorful glassware with a fun, active theme is a must for any outdoorsy person's home. Help them stock their cabinets with cute bicycle cups like these.

Get them here.

Your happy hiker friends probably already have a trekking backpack, but it's probably not as stylish as this one.

Get this cool backpack here.

intrepid trek backpack
house under the stars camper art block

Every outdoorsman has a home base for the few times a year they aren't outside, and that home base should remind them of the nature they love so much. This 'Under the Stars' camper art block is the perfect piece of art for every nature-lover's home.

Get it here.

Give this picnic backpack to any of your hiker friends who also love to eat and drink in nature.

Get this picnic backpack here.

picnic backpack
wooden travel mug

Every on-the-go outdoorsman or outdoorswoman loves a good to-go coffee mug, and this wooden version is perfect for them.

Get it here.

For the brawny adventurer in your life, get him this 'Born to Explore' t-shirt so he can broadcast his love for the great outdoors to everyone he meets.

Get this fun tee here.

born to explore tee

recycled tent dopp kit

This dopp kit is made from recycled tent material and is perfect for anyone, while camping or at home.

Get this sustainable toiletry kit here.

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