Belgians are currently fighting ISIS threats with cat photos

Terror Threat Closes Brussels Metro
Terror Threat Closes Brussels Metro

Belgium was placed under the highest level of terror alert due to an "imminent threat" this weekend. Both schools and public transportation have been shut down through Monday.

Knowing how difficult it is to keep anything secret these days, the Brussels police force took to Twitter to ask for full civilian cooperation in observing "radio silence on social media about ongoing police operations in #Brussels."

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Not only are the citizens of Brussels cooperating with this police request, they are doing a little something extra to show their support for authorities-- tweeting cat memes.

From felines who are taking up arms to help the police...

"The kittens are on the field in the operation #BrusselsLockdown" kitties who simply want to keep calm and urge others not to panic and foil the anti-terrorism effort.

Belgian citizens ultimately had one message for ISIS today: The police will have full public cooperation until the terrorists have been apprehended.

As for the police-- they are simply PURRING at all the support.

"For cats who helped us last night ... Help yourself!"

And because we know there is no such thing as too many cat pictures, here are a bunch more:

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