Anonymous donor contributes $2.2M toward reducing national debt

Anonymous Donor Contributes $2.2M Toward Reducing National Debt
Anonymous Donor Contributes $2.2M Toward Reducing National Debt

Get out those 'Thank You' cards. The nation just received a very generous donation.

The Treasury Department received a record contribution of $2.2 million toward reducing the national debt. No word on who that secret Santa was.

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Unfortunately, the record donation only covered the interest for a couple of minutes, but we definitely think he should still get some recognition.

According to data from the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, donors gave $2.3 million in the last month of 2015's fiscal year, bringing the total amount contributed to nearly $3.9 million.

America's current debt is at $18 trillion (and rising). If each citizen gave just less than $58,000 we would be off the hook, but seeing as how Census data reports that the average American household income is $50,500, we see a lot of folks holding onto that money.

One man we can all thank for trying is New York Rep. Chris Gibson who hands over $4,357.37 every month toward reducing the debt.

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