2015 Black Friday shopping guide

2015 Black Friday Guide

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means Black Friday deals are on their way.

New research from Ebates shows that a whopping 55 percent of Americans are working their holiday plans around their shopping plans.

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We picked the brains of the experts at NerdWallet and DealNews, so if you're one those shoppers -- here's everything you need to know.

The experts at NerdWallet suggest the best plan of action is "shopping according to deal rather than according to store."

Everyone knows Black Friday is a great time to buy electronics, so navigate your shopping around those deals.

While big-box stores like Target, Best Buy and Wal-Mart will likely have the best deals, spotting a deal is harder than you think.

In fact, many stores will advertise massive Black Friday savings that just aren't there.

"The best way to judge the value of a deal is to have an idea of what that product was selling for before Black Friday," the NerdWallet experts told the Huffington Post.

The best strategy is to start your wish list and read up on the pre-Black Friday price tag.

Here are some great deals that should be on your radar:

Wal-Mart is advertising a massive 70 inch Vizio television for about $300 less than average.

Target is shilling Beats wireless headphones for 25 percent off.

Best Buy has this current Amazon Fire Tablet for $35 -- which, according to DealNews -- is the cheapest they've ever seen.

There will be deals on apparel, but it pays to wait to get big winter coats and outerwear later in the season when they will be on a steeper discount. DealNews Features Editor Benjamin Glaser also recommends thinking outside the box on Black Friday.

Items like paper goods and cleaning supplies will all be on sale so get those while you can.

To sum it up here are our top five tips for Black Friday shopping:

1. Shop according to deal not according to store
2. Know the original price tag
3. Get big appliances for the home at a fraction of the price
4. Be wary of door buster quantities
5. Get Apple products anywhere but Apple

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