'SNL' sketch proves only Adele has the power to save your awkward Thanksgiving dinner

"Hello from the other side" of the Thanksgiving table.

This holiday season, there are a lot of topics to discuss -- and a lot of ones to avoid.

This week, 'Saturday Night Live' showed that the talented singer even has the power to save even the worst Thanksgiving dinner conversation.

In a hilarious sketch featuring controversial topics such as Syrian refugees, transgender rights, ISIS and the upcoming presidential election, SNL proves that there is one topic we can all agree on -- the fact that everyone loves Adele's "Hello."

Every time a family feud is about to erupt in the sketch, someone would turn on the song and the entire table would erupt in a sepia-ridden sing-off. And some even begin to transform into the famous singer themselves.

Watch the mesmerizing sketch for yourself:

Here are 5 things you may not know about Adele:

5 Things You May Not Know About Adele, the Savior of CDs
5 Things You May Not Know About Adele, the Savior of CDs

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