San Diego Zoo's baby pygmy hippo dies

San Diego Zoo's Baby Pygmy Hippo Dies
San Diego Zoo's Baby Pygmy Hippo Dies

The San Diego Zoo's baby pygmy hippo has died.

The youngster's death was announced via the zoo's Facebook page on Friday, November 20th.

Born on November 11th, to mother Francesca, the calf was the first hippo to survive birth at the San Diego Zoo in over a decade.

The newborn was initially thought to be doing well and weighed around 12 pounds. Staff at the zoo noted that the mother was indeed caring for the young, unnamed calf.

Unfortunately, though, the baby hippo was unable to receive "proper nourishment," according to a veterinary exam.

Pygmy hippos are an endangered species. The San Diego Zoo notes, "There were estimated to be about 2,000 left in the world a decade ago, when the last population survey was done."

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