Rams quarterback stays in game after taking brutal hit to the head and fumbles on critical play

New Program Addresses Concerns About Football Concussions
New Program Addresses Concerns About Football Concussions

With the game tied and a little over a minute left, Rams quarterback Case Keenum took a brutal sack on second-and-10, with his helmet slamming on the turf.

As Keenum tried to get back up, it was clear he had taken a serious hit. He held his head while lying on his back immediately after the hit.

Then, as a teammate tried to help him up, Keenum rolled over, wobbled, then collapsed again, unable to stand up.

Here's a look at the play.

Quarterback Nick Foles looked like he was going to check in for Keenum, but Keenum got up and stayed in the game, despite all logic saying he should be looked at on the side of the field.

On the next play, Keenum threw an incomplete pass. On third-and-five (a penalty on the Ravens negated the third down on the initial sack), Keenum was then hit again and fumbled the ball.

It's worth noting that this is more of a great defensive play than a bad offensive play by Keenum, but nonetheless, Keenum didn't look aware at all that Ravens linebacker Courtney Upshaw was quickly approaching him and clearly held on to the ball too long.

case keenum
case keenum

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On the ensuing drive, the Ravens kicked the game-winning field goal to win 16-13.

More alarming is that Keenum was allowed to stay in the game. Regardless of whether he was concussed or not, and it sure looked like he was, Keenum should have been taken out of the game. At the very least, the Rams should have wanted to give him some time to gather himself, and in his next two plays looked as though he wasn't right.

If Keenum does indeed have a concussion, this is the type of event that costs someone their job.

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