NBA Rumors: Kings to make John Calipari an offer he 'cannot refuse'

The Kings Reportedly Want to Make Another Run at John Calipari - 'The Herd'
The Kings Reportedly Want to Make Another Run at John Calipari - 'The Herd'

The Sacramento Kings can hold a players-only meeting and win a few games in a row, but the problems will still be there in the end – and they are.

George Karl just doesn't seem to get through to the players in the Kings locker room, and DeMarcus Cousins still doesn't appear to have much respect towards his head coach. Again, all this is speculation from what has been reported – and what we've seen – over the last few months.

There clearly needs to be some sort of resolution. And the Kings believe they have one. They just need to figure out how to get it down, which is something Kings owner Vivek Ranadive is working on. If Ranadive had his way, he would put together an offer that John Calipari couldn't refuse to reunite with Cousins in Sacramento.

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The belief still is it's a matter of when, not if, Karl will be removed as the head coach.

If that should happen during this season, the short-term answers are, according to owner Vivek Ranadivé – or sources say – he would like to move Nancy Lieberman into the head-coaching position, making a big splash by having the first female head coach in NBA history. Vlade Divac, the GM is more inclined to fill with Corliss Williamson for the remainder of the season.

But Ranadivé's biggest dream is to have Kentucky coach John Calipari come out and coach this roster full of Kentucky players.


The belief is that Ranadive will take another run after Calipari plans to make an offer that Calipari simply cannot refuse.

In addition to Cousins, one of Calipari's other young talents, Willie Caulie-Stein, also plays for the Kings. Rajon Rondo also played at Kentucky, but well before Calipari made the move to the Bluegrass state.

Back to Calipari, I'm not sure what type of offer it would take for him to leave the yearly 5-star recruits and being an NCAA championship contender year in and year out in order for him to coach one of the worst situations in the NBA.

I would think that it would probably have some ownership stake involved or perhaps entire control of the organization. Still, even with that, I'm not sure if that's enough for Calipari to make the move back to the NBA.

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Calipari has a great gig in college basketball, arguably the best one in the sport. He's actually mastered the art of recruiting. Question is, is he ready for a new challenge? I'm not sure he is. And that might ultimately be the biggest problem for the Kings.