Millions of spiders wreak havoc on Tennessee town

Neighbourhood's Plague of Spiders
Neighbourhood's Plague of Spiders

Residents in Memphis, Tenn. woke up this week to an horrifying unwelcome surprise outside their doors.

Millions of little spiders have infested the yards of the city residents.

A photo shows what at first looks like morning dew covering the grass in a Memphis neighborhood, but a closer look reveals it is actually a spider web that runs half a mile long near May Street and Chelsea Avenue.

These little spiders have caused some major headaches for residents who live here.

%shareLinks-quote="I've seen about 20 on my porch just in the last day." type="quote" author="Ida Morris" authordesc="Neighbor" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Residents like Morris have been asking the city to step in to exterminate the little creatures, but haven't seen much action.

"Clean this area up and spray for these spiders and make it safe. There are kids running around. A spider could bite the kids or anything," Morris told WMC Action News. Her neighbor, Debra Lewis, agrees.

%shareLinks-quote="You can't even sit in her house because they're all on the wall, on the door. We been killing spiders for about an hour now." type="quote" author="Debra Lewis" authordesc="Neighbor" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Despite their sudden appearance in the neighborhood, experts say the spiders' presence shouldn't be of much concern. In fact, Memphis Zoo Curator Steve Reichling said these webs are not necessarily a bad thing at all:

It's a mass dispersal of the millions of tiny spiders that have always been in that field, unnoticed till now. It could be juveniles -- millions -- in a big emergence event, or adults of a tiny species -- probably a sheetweb spider -- leaving for some reason possibly knowable only to them ... In fields and meadows, there are often literally millions of spiders doing their thing, unseen and unappreciated by us. I would not want to live in a world where such things were no longer possible. The presence of these spiders tells us that all is well with nature at that location.

But residents like Frances Ward disagree. Ward says seeing these creatures is anything but normal. In fact, Ward likens the eight-legged creatures' presence to being in a horror film.

%shareLinks-quote="I've never seen anything like this. It's like a horror movie. Never seen nothing like this before." type="quote" author="Frances Ward" authordesc="Neighbor" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Are house spiders friends or foe? Watch below to find out:

Are House Spiders Friends or Foes?
Are House Spiders Friends or Foes?

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