Keenan Thompson trolls David Ortiz on SNL (Video)

Red Sox DH David Ortiz to Retire After 2016 Season
Red Sox DH David Ortiz to Retire After 2016 Season

When Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz is retiring after this upcoming season, and the baseball world needed the week to let that sink and and reflect on the career he's had. There are those out there sad to see him go and others dead set in their stance that he juiced his entire career.

Others just wanted to troll, like Saturday Night Live.

During the Weekend Update segment of this week's show, Keenan Thompson strolled out with his troll out and aimed it at Big Papi.

This probably isn't the last time we see Thompson bust out his David Ortiz impression but the opportunities to use it now seem to be limited. If this was indeed the last time we see Big Papi on SNL, then this was one heck of a way to send him off. The show has had a weird history with the Red Sox — both with it being a New York based series and the presence of Jimmy Fallon's infamous Sox fans character.

But while the Ortiz impression wasn't seen all that often during the slugger's career, it's one that Thompson nailed on what might be the final time we see it.