Canadian man discovers he is king of African tribe in Ghana

Canadian Learns He Will Be Next King Of A Ghana Tribe

One landscaper in Canada got the surprise of a lifetime when he learned an African tribe in Ghana had chosen him to be their next leader.

Eric Manu, 32, moved from Ghana three years ago after meeting his Canadian wife in his home country. The couple are currently raising their 10-month-old-son in British Columbia.

Manu's uncle was the leader of the Akan tribe in Ghana. Although he died in 2013, Manu had no idea he would be chosen to be his uncle's replacement.

However, that's not what the tribe thought. In July, Manu received a phone call informing him the community had selected him as the next king.

Now, Manu, who has been working as a landscaper in B.C., is preparing to return to his home country where he will be crowned king of the 6,000 person Akan tribe. The landscaper is hoping to improve the lives of his tribe with some lessons he learned from his Canadian home.

Manu is planning to split his time between his tribe in Ghana and his home in Canada.

He's not the only one being crowned -- his wife will also become a queen.

"But the wife of a chief, she also becomes a queen of the king, of the chief ... So she becomes the mother of all mothers of the village," Manu explained to Global News.

The location of the Akan tribe is the center of many other villages in the area. Although Manu knows he has his work cut out for him, he is ready and excited to get started.

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