Woman takes off her shoes and gives them to homeless subway rider

Woman Takes Off Her Shoes And Gives Them To Homeless Subway Rider
Woman Takes Off Her Shoes And Gives Them To Homeless Subway Rider

The homeless face many challenges, and staying warm during the cold months is one of them.

So when a homeless woman got on the subway in New York City wearing no shoes and otherwise light clothing, good Samaritan Kay Brown decided to do what she thought was right—give up her own shoes on the spot.

The 26-year-old remembers, "Her toes were crossed over each other and freezing, and I couldn't imagine not having something on my feet."

So after Brown learned they both wore the same size, she offered up her shoes, and the woman started crying and hugging her.

She later reflected, "Something in me, it's just being a human you know, I had to reach out to her."

Although Brown was left riding the subway in mismatched socks, a fellow passenger gave her a pair of thick gym socks which helped her make the six-block-long walk home.

She posted about these interactions on Facebook in order to inspire others to help those in need.

Her plea comes on the heels of a report noting the rising numbers of homeless people in New York—estimated at more than 75,000—which counters falling averages elsewhere in the county.

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