Woman accuses man of hitting her with pillow in Walmart

Woman Accuses Man Of Hitting Her With Pillow In Walmart
Woman Accuses Man Of Hitting Her With Pillow In Walmart

A pillow fight may be fun for a sleepover, but it's probably not the best way to meet someone new.

According to WJAX, this is the icebreaker an 18-year-old man tried to use one night on a 20-year-old woman at a St. Johns County, Florida Walmart.

The unnamed victim recounts, "I just hear somebody running, and before I could even turn around he smacked me really hard with this pillow."

Eventually, police were called, and the man claimed the pillow hit was meant as a joke and is an approach of his to meet people; it is unknown if he was charged.

Despite his stated intention, she said she felt scared and ended up with scratches on her back and side.

This is not the first incident where being hit by a pillow has caused bodily harm. In September, 30 West Point cadets were injured and an additional 24 more had concussions after the school's annual pillow fight among freshmen.

In this case, however, some students are believed to have put hard objects in their pillow cases.

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