West Village dentist charged with distributing child pornography, drugs

NYC Dentist Charged With Distributing Child Pornography, Drugs


NEW YORK — A Manhattan dentist is accused of sharing child pornography with an undercover federal agent and providing dental work in exchange for drugs.

Dr. John Wolf, 59, allegedly confessed to a drug dealer turned federal informant that he is HIV positive and would puncture holes in condoms to spread the virus to others. He also allegedly said that he partook in underground sex parties in New York, where people would have sex with animals. The informant said Wolf admitted to hosting sex parties in the basement of his West 15th Street office.

An undercover agent said Wolf used a projector to screen child porn inside the dental practice, before allegedly copying the files onto a flash drive for the agent.

"You don't know what secret lives people have, but he was a jovial, happy fellow," said Robert Risko, who lives in the neighborhood.

Federal investigators say Dr. Wolf both used and distributed the meth that he obtained.

According to his attorney, Dr. Wolf admits to using meth, but he will plead not guilty to distributing drugs and child pornography.

"He's been in rehabs. I think he's vulnerable," said Marc Agnifilo, Wolf's attorney. Agnifilo said his client was a victim of entrapment by the federal government.

"The government agent posed as his friend and basically tired to lure him into having scandalous conversations," he said.

Federal agents reportedly raided Dr. Wolf's office early this morning. Patients continued to stream in an out of the West Village practice on Friday. Workers inside said they didn't work directly with Wolf.

"We don't work there, no comment," said one woman.

Dr. Wolf made his first appearance before a judge in federal court in Brooklyn this afternoon. He will be in court again on Tuesday at 3 p.m. for a hearing on whether he will be released from jail on bail while he awaits trial.

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