Officials in Calif. search for red panda after zoo escape

Officials In CA Search For Red Panda After Zoo Escape
Officials In CA Search For Red Panda After Zoo Escape

Officials in Eureka, California, are scrambling to find a red panda that has escaped from her enclosed home at the Sequoia Park Zoo on Thursday.

One of the first indications that Masala was missing was reportedly when, according to the zoo manager, Gretchen Ziegler, "Someone in the community [said] that they saw a red panda in their neighborhood."

The wooded area behind the park seems to be the last place she was spotted.

Ziegler also told the North Coast Journal, "We have no idea how she got over the fence. It's contained red pandas since it was built. Animals can do things you can't imagine. We're going to try to figure it out."

The City of Eureka has since posted a notice on its Facebook page, saying, "The panda is NOT a danger to humans, but Zoo staff are concerned about the panda's safety."

She has been raised in the park since the July 9th birth of her and her twin sister last year.

It has been advised that anyone who sees Masala avoid contact and, instead, call the zoo or the Eureka Police Department.

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