As winter approaches, people feel the onset of seasonal affective disorder

Seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD, is a depression that coincides with the changing of seasons. SAD typically onsets during the autumn, and lasts throughout the winter months.

Not everyone realizes that this is a real disorder, not just a case of the winter grumpies. This can make it extremely difficult for people who suffer from the disorder -- they are not always taken seriously. As days become shorter and nights become colder, those with SAD suffer more and more.

Several people who have SAD took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share what it's really like to have seasonal affective disorder.

The anxiety of anticipating SAD is tough enough to begin with:
My Seasonal Affective Disorder is setting in. I have a long winter ahead of me and I

Having something you struggle with not be taken seriously or acknowledged can make suffering through it even harder:
No one knows what seasonal affective disorder is which makes me feel alone sometimes

Although it's cold, winter is a time of gifts and love -- not being able to enjoy that is depressing in itself:
Hate winter because of seasonal affective disorder... Everyone

SAD can separate you from things you otherwise enjoy:
I have Seasonal Affective Disorder which is really unfortunate because I truly love autumn and winter.

It can be very damaging to open up to someone, only to be met with fear and confusion:
Ever since people found out that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder they are treating me differently. Last I checked it isn

Setting small-scale goals for yourself could help you get through the tough months:
I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. My main goal in life right now is to make it through winter without getting medicated.

The disorder's acronym speaks for itself:
SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder The holiday season of spreading love brings me down

A depressive disorder doesn't only affect the person who has it -- it affects everyone with whom he or she is involved:
I have seasonal affective disorder and I

There's a huge difference between sad and SAD:
I get depressed during winter and rainy days. I have seasonal affective disorder and people just dismiss it as being over-emotional.

Positive thinking is always the way to go:
Attempting to fight of this seasonal affective disorder. Lets hope it works. Being tired 24/7 and feeling low is not what I want.

Just because you haven't been able to control your SAD in the past, doesn't mean it'll be that way forever:
Finally went to counseling for the first time today for seasonal affective disorder. I

It is possible to persevere:

For more on living with seasonal affective disorder, check out Whisper.​​

Need tips on fighting off that SAD? Check out the video below:

Does Winter Make You SAD? How To Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

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