Woman is asked out in an adorable, but totally cringeworthy way

Although the technological era has created ample opportunities to make dating a digital experience, Alfonso, a 25-year-old student at Southampton University in England, decided to approach Naomi Lucking through a unique medium.

When he saw Lucking studying at the library, Alfonso went up to her with a hand-drafted WhatsApp conversation in which he asked her out for coffee.

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"I really wanted to do it in an original way," said the 25-year-old student. "She was using her phone and I thought she can pay attention to this and not her phone."

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The front of the note says that Lucking has an unread message, and indicates for her to unfold the paper and keep reading.

"Sorry to disturb your studies," the inside reads. "... Would you like to have a coffee with me someday?"

The details of the drawing are very similar to the real WhatsApp messaging application. Although Lucking notes in her tweet which was shared more than 30,000 times, that it was "the most awkward experience of [her] life," she gives Alfonso a "10/10 for creativity."

In a modern homage to the "will you go to the dance with me, yes/no/maybe" style, Alfonso gives three options for Lucking to answer: "Sure! Why Not? Life is short :P", "No Thanks! I have a 7ft tall boyfriend :)", or a fill-in-your-own response.

"I just laughed," tweeted Lucking, "and said, 'actually he's 6ft3.'"

Although Lucking notes on her Twitter that Alfonso looked 'so crushed,' it turns out that because of the viral post, Alfonso has gotten more than enough women who have made clear that they are more than willing to get coffee with him.

"I don't think [I would reconsider his offer], mainly because I have a boyfriend," said Lucking, "but judging by Twitter there are a good 30,000 people who would."

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