Watch: Adele impersonates herself on BBC special

Adele Wears Fake Nose Impersonating Herself in Adele Costume
Adele Wears Fake Nose Impersonating Herself in Adele Costume

There is only one Adele, and the "25" songstress proved it in a special for the BBC that aired in the U.K. Friday night.

Decked out in facial prosthetics, Adele joined a handful of Adele impersonators who thought they were auditioning for a TV pilot — a prank cooked up by British TV personality Graham Norton.

Adele adopted a husky voice and called herself Jenny to throw off the other singers. She really committed to the gag, engaging in banter with the other impersonators ("She's got her hands," she says about one's performance) and feigning extreme nervousness before she took the stage.

"Can't wait for the new album," one of the impersonators says in the clip.

"She's taking her time," the real Adele says, smirking.

"Try saying that to her face, just to see the reaction," another impersonator says.

"I would," Adele says.

The impersonators each take a stab at Adele's "Make You Feel My Love" before "Jenny" takes the stage and blows them all away. As it dawns on the other singers that they're in the presence of the real deal, they join her in song.

Adele's third studio album, "25," came out on Nov. 20.

Watch "Jenny" and the Adele impersonators below:

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