Feel royal for a weekend by renting out some of the world's most jaw-dropping castles


When Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot (fabulously, might we add) -- were you watching it on TV wishing you could live like them for just a day at the least? Yeah, us too. We're pretty sure that many people all around the world have hoped and dreamed to one day experience the royal life. Marrying a Prince, living in a castle -- as Biggie once accurately stated, it was all a dream!

Well, good news, ladies -- it can now become a reality. Planning a wedding and have always dreamed of getting married in a castle? Guess what? You can totally do it.

If you're willing to pay a pretty penny, some of the world's most gorgeous castles can be rented out for a chance to experience the life you've only read about in fairytales. Check them out and how to rent them in the slideshow above.

Watch below for more gorgeous castles that actually cost less than apartments:

These Castles Cost Less Than NYC and San Francisco Apartments
These Castles Cost Less Than NYC and San Francisco Apartments

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