5 tips to snapchat like a pro

By: Wandeleur

A few weeks back, we addressed the ultimate social media question: To Snapchat or Not To Snapchat? If you're like us, the answer was clearly "To Snapchat," and so we began our journey into the wonderful world of snapping.

As social media marketers by trade (Maya and Emily's day job is to manage the social media accounts of some of the world's top brands at an advertising agency!) we've picked up a few major tips that will help you to use the platform like a pro. Let's dive in!

1. Focus on Growing Your Audience
Step 1 of entering any new platform is to make sure that you have an audience to speak to. After all, what good is a snap if there's no one to watch it?

Audience growth on Snapchat can be challenging because there are no hashtags or "Follow" buttons like other social accounts. Finding people to follow takes intent, and thus it's more deliberate that other platforms.

To grow your audience, focus on promoting your username on the other channels in which you're active. When you post on Instagram or Twitter, why not also record a little behind the scenes video and then tell your audience to see more on Snapchat? Or, when attending an event, use the "Add Nearby" feature to add friends that may be attending the same things you are, and presumably have like interests. You can also utilize your personal Snapcode to have users easily add you.

2. Embrace The Features

One of the great things about Snapchat are all the interesting features that come with it. One key example are lenses. When taking a selfie, you can press and hold on your face to activate lenses that are so much fun to play around with and will take your selfie from "standard" to "hysterical."

Other great features to embrace? Geofilters! When you're in a new city or neighborhood, definitely use filters to enhance your snap and make it more relevant to the setting you're in.

The offerings are always evolving, so simply being active on the platform is the best way to explore them.

3. Cross Promote

Have a blog post you're fond of? Share a screen capture as your Snap. Prepping some content on a Sunday? Give your audience a little behind the scenes action. Cross promoting from Snapchat to other social channels, and vice versa, is a great way to be efficient with your time and multiple-channel management.

4. Say "No" To Being Stylized

We're big believers that using a social platform as its native intent is the best way to create content that your audience will be receptive to. In the case of Snapchat, it's meant to be used to share snippets of your life. Like moments, snaps are fleeting and don't stay, so the pressure is off to curate an account that has a visual aesthetic or is perfect.

Snapchat is instead aimed to be a storytelling platform where you share real moments. Don't worry about things being perfect. Just worry about sharing things in an authentic and interesting way.

5. Content Is King

As with any platform, content is king. If you want to have a social account that is heavily followed, you need to provide content worth following. Don't just hurriedly record content and post it for the sake of doing so. Think about the story you are trying to tell, the moment you're aiming to share, and what that snap can provide the audience that no other channel can.

Everyone has interesting things to share throughout their day. Don't be afraid to show some personality! See the full post here.

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