12-year-old girl gets 2 days suspension because of her pants

12-Year-Old Suspended Over Pants
12-Year-Old Suspended Over Pants

The day after her 12-year-old daughter, Morgan, was sent to "internal suspension" because her "pants were too tight," Traci Hull decided to take her daughter to school to chat with the administration.

When the two arrived at Indiana's Franklin Township Middle school, the assistant principal told her that her pants were, again, too tight, and that she would not be allowed to go to class. Morgan has now missed two full days of class and schoolwork because of her pants.

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"She's not getting the proper education," said Hull. "She's behind in school, and we're spending two days now focusing on pants that are too tight."

Hull only found out about her daughter's suspension through an email that actually specified the appropriate, much less severe punishment to Morgan's first dress code violation: A warning.

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When Hull was told that her daughter would again face in-school suspension because of her outfit, she decided to take the matter elsewhere and went straight to the superintendent's office.

Although she was unable to connect directly with the superintendent, one of the office employees who reviewed Morgan's outfit deemed it appropriate, and confirmed that the entire situation will be investigated more closely.

If the decision to suspend Morgan shocked you, wait until you see this video:

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