These old-fashioned desserts will take you back to a sweeter time


There are certain things in this world that we simply can't help smiling over -- puppies, babies, true love and of course, BAKED GOODS. That's right people, from soft baked cookies fresh out of the oven to the perfect slice of pumpkin pie, what in the world would we do without our sweets?

Even if you don't bake at all, that won't stop you from stopping in your local cupcake shop to get a red velvet, right? We feel you, and we don't know about you, but some of our favorite desserts are very old-school. We're talking baked Alaska, bee sting cake and more. Yum! Take a look at the slideshow above for some good old-fashioned desserts (and their recipes) that seriously need to make a comeback.

Watch below for how to make a tasty s'mores baked Alaska dish:

'The Chew': S'mores Baked Alaska Recipe
'The Chew': S'mores Baked Alaska Recipe

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