These brave souls stuck their arms through a hole and let a tattoo artist ink them

Famed tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, will give you a tattoo for free! There's just one thing you need to do in him 100%.

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Campbell's latest project, Whole Glory, recently offered strangers free tattoos to participants willing to let him ink whatever he wanted onto their arms.

Apparently, lots of artistic risk takers were up for the challenge, so Campbell had an in-person lottery to choose the 23 lucky winners.

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The tattoos created during this four day art installation in NYC ranged from decorative skulls, to snakes, eyeballs, roses, and a little bit of everything in between. Obviously, because Campbell is a very talented artist, the end result was always perfection!

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Scott Campbell even tattoos fashion designer, Marc Jacobs! Take a look to see what ink Jacobs has here:

The Many Tattoos of Marc Jacobs
The Many Tattoos of Marc Jacobs

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