Teacher under fire after assigning this cruel physics problem about refugees

Poland: Thousands Turn Out for Anti-Immigration Protests
Poland: Thousands Turn Out for Anti-Immigration Protests

A teacher in Poland is under fire after reportedly giving his students a physics assignment in which they had to calculate how many Syrian refugees would have to be pushed off a raft before sinking.

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Grzegorz Nowik has many outraged after the physics problem, which was assigned back in September, was recently made public in the Polish news.

%shareLinks-quote="4 refugees from Syria are to reach Greece on a raft which is 1m x 2 m x 20cm and (illegible) 800kg/m2. Calculate how many refugees you need to push off the raft for them to reach their goal if each of them weigh 60kg." type="quote" author="The assignment" authordesc="According to Facebook photo, via CNN" isquoteoftheday="false"%

The teacher says he was just trying to make a joke; but has since expressed deep remorse and therefore will not lose his job.

This comes at an extremely inopportune time, as the situation for Syrian refugees becomes increasingly dire. To make matters worse, Fox News reports, "mostly Catholic Poles are largely fearful of Muslim refugees and oppose taking them in."

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