People are allegedly stealing Apple Pencils from the stores

New 'Apple Pencil' Ridiculed on Social Media
New 'Apple Pencil' Ridiculed on Social Media

According to Business Insider, people are reportedly stealing the Apple Pencil from stores as the company has yet to figure out a way to prevent the theft of this device while it's demoed. The Pencil, which works with the new iPad Pro, sells for $99 and has been criticized for not being promptly available due to lack of stock. Since the Pencil cannot be demoed while attached to a safety cord, the set up has paved the way for thieves who just walked away with the device in their hands.

A reddit user also revealed the following:

My local store in Canada mentioned that most of the Apple Pencils were stolen. I was able to get a hold of one to try and once I was done I had to look for an employee to return it to. I walked up to one of the greeters and had to get their attention to return it. I could have easily just walked out with it.

Another twitter user also commented along the same lines, highlighting the issue as a recurring phenomenon across a variety of Apple Stores:

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