Now we know what an honest 76ers promo looks like

2 Point Lead: Sixers' Honest Promo
2 Point Lead: Sixers' Honest Promo

The above video is a completely farcical, preposterous advertisement. Although, a lot of it does make sense.

And if you're a basketball fan, you need to see it.

Every NBA team needs to promote their brand, but also be truthful with the people who pay money to see the team and buy their merchandise. So what happens when an ethical team is up front about how terrible they are?

You get this type of commercial from the Philadelphia 76ers, who entered Thursday's slate 0-12 and spawned a hilarious Deadspin post that read:

"The winless Philadelphia 76ers were down by nine to the Pacers Wednesday night. Intentionally or not, six Sixers walked onto the court. That's not allowed.

The officials gave Philly a technical foul for too many men on the court, and completely undermined the purpose of the pump-up music that had just been played at the arena. Head coach Brett Brown looked defeated, which must be instinctive by now."

Are they bad, or WHAT!?!