New viral video will save you hours from raking those pesky leaves



Mr. Inventor !!! This is just the front yard Brian Shreves

Posted by April Medlen on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

If you've spent any hours at all trying to rake up all the leaves on your lawn, you're going to wish you thought of this sooner!

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Indiana homeowner, Brian Shreves shared his helpful trick to clearing up your lawn in seconds. Using a piece of cardboard, Shreves simply scrapped all the leaves to one side of the lawn, no leaf-blower or raking required!

April Medlen posted the video of Shreves on Facebook calling him "Mr. Inventor!" The video has gone viral with over nine million views!

Check out some other raking tips in the video below!

Scientists Want You to Not Rake Your Leaves
Scientists Want You to Not Rake Your Leaves

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