New study links white wine to lowering risk of diabetes-related vision issues

Type 2 Diabetes and Wine
Type 2 Diabetes and Wine

Love a nice glass of wine after a long day or work? Or maybe it's your drink of choice when you're out with friends? Either way, we adore wine just as much as you -- and one of our favorites? Well, white wine, of course!

While you've probably heard about the many healthy benefits of red wine, in an awesome turn of events, a new study has revealed something incredible about white wine. The Center for Eye Research at the University of Melbourne in Australia has recently discovered that diabetics who drink white wine have a lower risk of eyesight loss caused by diabetes-related complications.

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Great news, right? The research dove a little deeper, too. Apparently, those who drank moderate amounts of white wine had a 2.4 percent risk of eyesight loss, while red wine drinkers had a 12.2 percent risk.

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While these findings are undeniably fascinating, currently, researchers are unsure as to why exactly white wine has such a positive effect on diabetic risk of eyesight loss. Clearly, there is more research to be done -- but we're pretty excited to finally be seeing clearly when it comes to our wine!

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