Democratic presidential candidate Clinton to lay out plan to fight ISIS

Hillary Clinton: America Has to Lead 'Worldwide Fight' Against ISIS
Hillary Clinton: America Has to Lead 'Worldwide Fight' Against ISIS

NEW YORK, Nov 19 (Reuters) - Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton on Thursday will lay out a plan for defeating Islamic State and continuing the global struggle against radical jihadism.

Clinton will detail a three-pronged approach, according to an aide, that includes defeating ISIS, or Islamic State, in Syria, Iraq, and across the region.

She will also discuss how to dismantle terrorist infrastructure that allows a global flow of fighters, money, weapons and propaganda, the aide said.

And the former secretary of state, the current front runner for the Democratic nomination to the November 2016 race, will also set out how to bolster defenses in the United States and its allies.

Clinton's Thursday speech comes on the heels of a wave of terrorist attacks around the world, including Paris, Beirut, the Sinai Peninsula and Nigeria.

(Reporting by Luciana Lopez and Amanda Becker; Editing by Michael Perry)

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