Boy hailed as hero after rescuing dad

Boy Hailed As Hero After Rescuing Drowning Father From Lake


LEHMAN TOWNSHIP -- 11-year-old Jacob Bobersky of Fairmount Township doesn't think he's a hero, but his dad does.

"He didn't panic. He didn't flinch. He stayed very calm and that actually helped me stay calm," said Mike Bobersky of Fairmount Township.

Bobersky was honored Tuesday at the Lake Silkworth Volunteer Fire Department with a special plaque.

Last month, on Columbus Day, the father and son were fishing on Lake Silkworth, each in his own kayak, each wearing a life jacket. Mike Bobersky caught a fish and when he reached for it, he lost his balance and the kayak tipped.

"The next thing I knew, I was in the water and had had an asthma attack earlier that evening so I had unbuckled the top buckle of my jacket and as soon as it hit the water, the jacket began to ride up over my head like it was going to come off," said Mike Bobersky.

Wearing heavy clothing, Bobersky started to go under. Jacob heard his father's cries. With no time to call for help, he paddled over. His father grabbed the kayak and Jacob towed him back to shore.

Boy saves dad from drowning
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Boy hailed as hero after rescuing dad
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"My arms were really hurting. I was just thinking to myself that it's all going to be alright."

"He saved his father's life. You only have one dad in life and he saved his father and I think it was an honor on behalf of myself and my EMS crew to honor him," said Chief Jerry Walker of the Lake Silkworth Volunteer Fire Department.

Jacob Bobersky says he's just grateful he was there and everything turned out OK.

"I don't want to do it again, but I'm happy that I was there."

"He surprised me but at the same time I knew we were raising a good boy," said Laura Bobersky, Jacob's mom and Mike's wife.

By the way, Jacob also managed to pull his dad's fish, a big-mouth bass to shore, too.

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