7 Boston bloggers you need to know about

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7 Boston bloggers you need to know about

Katherine Tabinowski, Style Tab

Why you should follow: Katherine's style is trendy yet attainable, and one of our favorite things about her blog is that it's ultra-shoppable. See it, love it, own it!

Katie and Ashley Hess, The Party of Two

Why you should follow: Katie and Ashley are fierce and fabulous -- and they'll show you how to take your style to the next level. The best thing about these two is that they're sisters, so their blog is fun and personal but oh-so-chic.

Allie Lochiatto, Allie Wears

Why you should follow: Allie's main goal is to show you "how to have fun with fashion without breaking the bank." Sign us up. Also -- can we talk about #hairgoals?

Katherine Hysmith, Young Austinian

Why you should follow: This Texas transplant has some impressive food credentials, including a graduate degree in Gastronomy. This foodie also happens to be a freelance photographer, so all of her drool-worthy recipes are beautifully photographed, which is an added bonus.

Pamela Hetlinger, The Girl From Panama 

Why you should follow: Every one of Pamela's outfits are undeniably classy-chic, but she isn't afraid to test fashion trends. Most of her pieces are classic items you probably already own and if you don't, you should. 

Kerrie Burke, Rarely Taken Seriously

Why you should follow: Originally from Galaway, Ireland, Kerrie's background in fashion and journalism means her blog posts aren't just outfits of the day. She's one to give you tips and tricks, find great buys, and of course -- style inspiration.

Jessye Aibel, City Tonic

Why you should follow: Jessye's all about mixing high and low, and she'll show you how to take things you already own and kick the look up a notch.


Over the past several years, blogs have become one of the most influential voices in the lifestyle world. They're attending events with fashion editors and celebrity influencers, getting paid to wear designer clothes or test out the latest product craze, and it's because people inherently turn to them to be a voice of reason in a crowded space.

As editors, we are constant consumers of content. It's in our nature to turn to bloggers when it comes to our own personal style, the next recipe we want to try, or the prettiest home decor idea. Because while it's great to know what a certain celebrity uses on her skin, bloggers are so much more like us. And besides, finding a new blogger you love can be life-changing.

We're breaking down the best blogs in each city — next up is Boston. Click through to see the top 7 you should be following from Bean Town! Are we biased? OK, kind of -- they all happen to be in our Lifestyle Collective. What can we say? We've got good taste.

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