2 men steal car with little boy inside, so they drop him off at school

When this 8-year-old Norfolk, Virginia boy was told to wait in the car while his mother ran some errands at work, he was probably expecting a routine 20 minutes of music and pre-school alone time.

"Apparently," said Norfolk police spokeswoman Melinda Wray, "this was something she did regularly and had never had any problems."

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To his surprise, though, two strange men got in the car and told him that his mom had requested that they drive him to school.

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However, not long after authorities began searching for the child and the vehicle in which he was taken, he was found "sitting in class as if nothing had happened."

Apparently, the two thieves drove him directly to Ghent Elementary School, leaving the little boy assuming that these strangers really were just doing him and his mother a favor.

"The child, after he learned the true details of what happened, he was obviously shaken," said Wray. "But the men were not trying to abduct him. They were just trying to steal the vehicle."

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Later that day, the car was located about three miles away from Ghent Elementary.

Although no one has yet been charged in the case, the police allegedly have leads based on the boy's descriptions of the men.

So why did these two men steal a vehicle just to drop off the boy inside at school, then abandon the car nearby? No matter the reason, we're just happy that this 8-year-old boy is home, safe and sound.

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