Zoo penguins' adorable escape attempt goes viral

Zoo Penguins' Adorable Escape Attempt Goes Viral
Zoo Penguins' Adorable Escape Attempt Goes Viral

Penguins are adorable, but they can also be mischievous.

A group of them attempting to break out of a Denmark zoo was caught in the act and on camera.

Their unique footprints gave them away.

A keeper at the Odense Zoo spotted the webbed impressions on the floor of a hallway and followed the path.

When the penguins spotter her, they sped up but eventually came to a dead end.

The birds scrambled to find another way out, however, it was too late. Their escape plan had been foiled.

Camera footage of the zoo break effort was posted on YouTube along with the caption, "Perhaps our penguins have watched the 'Penguins of Madagascar' a bit too much."

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