Woman searches for hero who saved her and her baby's life after terrifying wreck


Nearly one year ago, Sadie Brendalen was on a snowy street corner in St. Paul, Minnesota, screaming for help.

The soon-to-be mother's vehicle had just been sideswiped by another car on Jan. 13. The impact of the incident sent Brendalen and her Rav 4 into an empty, snow-ridden ditch.

"All of the airbags in my car went off, except for the one in my steering wheel," Brendalen said, adding that it may be for the best since the steering wheel airbag may have injured her unborn child.

She realized her car was overflowing with smoke, the nine-month pregnant woman didn't think twice about escaping.

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Sadie was about to go to the road for help, but shockingly witnesses two different vehicles plow into each other. Shaken, afraid and freezing, the woman didn't know what to do.

Then her contractions started.

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%shareLinks-quote="At this point, I was panicking. I didn't have a phone. The cars kept driving past me. The police weren't coming." type="quote" author="Sadie Brendalen" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Then came her knight in shining armor. An older man in a white truck finally stopped for the almost-mother. Sadie leapt towards him, asking the man to use his phone, where she was able to call her husband, Mike, for help.

Mike arrived to pick Sadie up and the two drove to the hospital, where doctors were able to stop her contractions. 17 days later, the parents welcomed baby girl Calista into their family.

Sadie never got a chance to thank the good samaritan -- something she always regrets.

"The guy drove off and I feel like an idiot," the mother of two to the Grand Forks Herald.

"I can't stop thinking about it. I don't know how long I would have been stuck there without him. If he hadn't stopped, my baby might not be here."

Now she is looking to repay him and introduce him to the little girl whose life he helped save.

%shareLinks-quote="I just want to thank him so much for whatever it is that made him stop. I would love to give him a hug or repay him somehow. He saved my life that day." type="quote" author="Sadie Brendalen" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

We hope the two will be able to reunite soon.

Find out why another family is searching for the hero in red swim trunks below:

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