This rock band made of robots is running a Kickstarter to build itself a singer

Robot Rock Band
Robot Rock Band

The "Compressorhead," possibly the heaviest metal band out there, is made entirely of robots and they are looking for a lead singer. Normally, Kickstarter is the ideal location for many musicians to fundraise their new albums, music videos or tours, but this is the first time the platform is being used to fundraise the construction of a band component. Compressorhead is the creation of three German engineers who assembled what currently is a trio of robotic guitarist, bass player and drummer. The current members of the band, in order, are called Fingers, Bones and Stickboy.

The band turned to Kickstarter with the aim to raise €290,000 ($308,661.50) to create the lead singer and finance the costs of recording a music album. This is the video they uploaded on the fundraising platform asking for your help:

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