This miserable American bulldog with a cat door stuck on her head is all of us

Bear Cub Tries to Break In Through Cat Door

Many times our furry friends try to enter, or exit a house using the doggie or cat door. Remember when a bear cub just wanted to say hello and poked its head through the doggie door? Check out the video above if you forget.

Something very similar happened in the UK, but this time, not a bear cub, but an American bulldog.

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Keeta is a 5-year-old American bulldog who just doesn't seem to be having the best all.

The absolutely adorable bulldog lives in Leicester, England and was simply looking for some outdoor fun when her plan was foiled by the cat door.

The miserable mug on her face is evident that her plan did not go accordingly. Although, not to worry, Keeta is doing much better now! According to the Mashable, firefighters were called to the scene to cut the cat door off her head, which she managed to pull right off of the door!

Apparently, she was going outside to have fun with her terrier friend, who coincidentally, used the open space to stroll right into the house.

Check out some more adorable bulldogs in the gallery below!

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This miserable American bulldog with a cat door stuck on her head is all of us
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