These tricks for contouring will make your makeup routine a piece of cake

How to Do Easy, Everyday Contouring
How to Do Easy, Everyday Contouring

Ladies, we all know how tough it is to master the art of contouring. No matter how many YouTube videos you watch or how many times you practice -- for some reason, you can never get it quite as good as those pros that inspire you.

But not to worry ladies, we're here to help. Trust us when we say we completely understand your makeup blunders -- and we want to perfect our contouring just as much as you do. If you're close to giving up on your efforts all together, take a look below at our favorite contouring tips to get it right almost every time!

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1. Don't be afraid to contour more of your nose than you think is necessary.

2. Always highlight down the center of your nose.

3. Add subtle shade to the tip of your nose.

4. Use matching contouring colors in the hollows of your cheekbones and around your forehead.

5. Finish your contouring look with a bit of shading along your eye sockets. This will complete the illusion of gorgeous bone structure.

6. BLEND! The lines should not look like actual lines drawn on your face.

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