OnlyOnAOL: For Carrie-Anne Moss, the answer is out there with 'Jessica Jones'



Carrie-Anne Moss, immortalized forever for her starring turn in the 'Matrix' trilogy, was at a playground when she heard two kids being called. "Their names were Neo and Trinity," she recalls.

Ah, 'The Matrix' was now fully reloaded.

The mind-bending movie series, created by the Wachowskis and starring Moss as Trinity and Keanu Reeves as Neo, made her a superstar. Now, Moss is back in the warrior realm with "Marvel's Jessica Jones," starring Krysten Ritter as a washed-up superhero-turned-detective and Moss as the M to her Bond, meaning her smooth, slick handler.

"I read the script and I was in. the writing is so good. I'm a real supporting character. I wanted to be part of something in which the writing took my breath my away. I'm a grounded, soulful person but I appreciate dark writing," says Moss. "I had never read anything like that. I couldn't quite imagine how it would be executed. And Krysten Ritter is just incredible."

Even cooler: That there's a badass lady, with post-traumatic stress order and a potty mouth, in a role that would normally be played by a man.

"The fact that it happens to be a woman, OK. Eventually, we'll all stop being excited about that. All the shows I'm watching on TV are all women's shows: 'Grace and Frankie,' Orange is the New Black,'" says Moss, who adds that what turns her on the most is that "the writing is so amazing and complex. I think that's exciting."

Her role was originally written for a man, which Moss is asked repeatedly about. But we'd like to know: Is she anything like her fierce, cool, controlled attorney?

"We look a lot alike. We have the same hair. When I think of her walking into a room, she walks in with a lot more ego than I do. At least I hope so. She's fearless and confident. She takes what she wants she take. I wouldn't say that I'm like that at all," says Moss.

And no, she was no Marvel or superhero aficionado before signing on to 'Jessica Jones.'

"Not at all. It's a whole world I didn't know about," says Moss, who wound up going to her very first Comic-Con to promote the series. "It was so lovely to interact with the fans. People were so excited to meet Trinity. She's so far away from me. I feel totally grateful that I got to play her and be in a movie that impacted people that way. Honestly, I feel far away from it. I hear from women that she inspired them."

The mom of three is hugely protective of her kids, shielding them from any brush with her fame. But now, she's the coolest parent ever, thanks to 'The Matrix,' which came out in 1999.

"My older son only saw the movie this year. He's 12. All his friends had seen it and it drove him crazy. My kids didn't know anything about what I did until recently," she says.

And wait 'til they see 'Jessica Jones.'

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