OnlyOnAOL: Cindy Crawford's holiday gift guide

Cindy Crawford on Her New Book "Becoming"
Cindy Crawford on Her New Book "Becoming"


The holidays are almost upon us, which means one thing above all: presents a-plenty.

And while we cover the best and brightest in beauty and fashion, we decided that this year, we'd consult the true pros: the stars who have access to the most insane stuff on the planet to see what would be under their tree.

Legendary knockout supermodel Cindy Crawford, who just wrote a gorgeous book about her industry.

Crawford, to the surprise of no one, is meticulous about who gets what, and keeps a list going back five years to make sure there are no duplicates. "I start thinking about Christmas in September. I buy at least 200 gifts every year. I try to find gifts that I can give to ten people. If I try to buy something different for everyone on my list, I would go crazy."

As for her brood: "My kids, it's funny, I try to not get caught up on the number or the price. Sometimes it's just something they really want. I don't want to tally things up to make sure I spend the same on each kid. I try to find a few surprises in there too," says the mom of two.

Here's what she likes to give.

Casamigos Tequila: "This is back by popular demand. We like to share what we love and our friends like to support us. I love giving it. Sometimes I give the three bottles wrapped on a beautiful cutting board with shot glasses and agave. Just to make it feel like a gift."

Becoming Cindy Crawford: "Anyone who is at all interested in fashion or was a fan of my career, I wrote it for women who were my fans who hopefully could share with their daughters. The lessons in there are really universal. How to learn to say no or take chances."

Champagne ice bucket, designed by Isay Weinfeld: "These are all gifts I've given in the past. This one is for the person who has everything. We actually gave it to friends of ours as a wedding present. It's just cool."

Olivia Von Halle PJs: "These are super luxury. This is something women don't splurge on for themselves. It's the ultimate luxury silk pajama."

olivia von halle pajama set
olivia von halle pajama set

IO Hawk Hoverboard: "This is the most expensive one but there's varying degrees. For my son, this is the perfect gift. As kids get older, I love that he's 16 and still plays with a toy like this. My 16 year old is not excited about clothes. This is a toy he's into. I tried riding my son's and he had to hold my hand the entire time."

Drybar gift card: "My girlfriends will get blow outs. You won't splurge on this for yourself. It's that thing. Most people love a blow out."

SoulCycle gift certificate: "There's certain people in my life who are sporty. I wouldn't do this for someone if I don't know they already go. You buy them a class. It's something I know they'll use. We all have so much stuff. Things that people actually use is a fun gift."

Kelly Gerber X diamond ring: "Someone gave it to me and my daughter stole it. So I knew it must be in. This ring is a little more flexible because of the design and doesn't have to be fitted. It's a modern shape."

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