10 things you may not know about Mickey Mouse!

The History of Mickey Mouse
The History of Mickey Mouse

It's hard to believe that our favorite mouse, Mickey Mouse turns 87 today!

Of course we know Mickey Mouse is a cherished childhood memory, how can he not be? If you close your eyes and take a ride back to your childhood, Mickey Mouse is everywhere you turn. Mickey is an icon when it comes to pure imagination.

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Odds are you know the basics about the famous mouse, like his first original name was Mortimer. Although, we are happy Walt Disney stuck with Mickey!

We've decided to comb through some interesting tidbits about Mickey and have listed them below:

1.) ​Mickey Mouse was first sketched as a dog...a cat... even a horse!

2.) Mickey is more recognizable than Santa Claus.

3.)Mickey made his film debut on May 15, 1928 in the silent film "Plane Crazy."

Young Mickey Rooney was supposedly the inspiration for Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney

5.) Mickey Mouse was the first cartoon character to get his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame​.

6.) Mickey's first words were "Hot Dogs!," because why not.

7.) The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse launched the career of Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Brittany Spears.

8.) The first Mickey Mouse wristwatch sold for $3.75 in 1933. Something tells us now, it'd be a bit more.

9.) All Disney locations feature "Hidden Mickeys," three circles shaped in a Mickey head, in strategic, but not always obvious places.​

Mickey's ears were dubbed "one of the greatest cultural icons of the 20th and 21st centuries" by TIME Magazine.

Want to check out more Mickey Mouse! Click through how the character has changed throughout the years!

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