Man killed by dog hours after adopting the animal

Man Killed By Dog Hours After Adopting The Animal

Anthony Riggs, an animal lover from Tennessee, adopted a Rottweiler from his county's rabies control facility, but later that same day, tragedy ensued.

The dog became aggressive and attacked the man, resulting in the new pet owner's death.

After picking the canine up at about 10:30 on Thursday morning, Riggs went to visit his son.

The two made plans for the holiday and hugged before the man and his dog went on their way.

At approximately 3:30 pm, authorities were alerted to a canine attack at his home.

Both the sheriff's office and emergency medical workers showed up at the scene, and Riggs was pronounced dead.

Deputies shot the Rottweiler as they feared the animal may harm people gathered near the house.

An investigation into what could have prompted the violent behavior is ongoing.

The tragic incident has raised questions about the rabies control facility's vetting and adoption processes.
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