Keep warm this winter with these cozy and unique hot cocoa recipes

We're Bringing Hot Chocolate Back with These Add-Ins
We're Bringing Hot Chocolate Back with These Add-Ins

Nothing warms our hearts (and tummies) quite like a nice tall cup of hot cocoa. The soft marsh mellows on top -- the rich, chocolatey flavor throughout -- we simply can't get enough! But instead of making your typical hot chocolate this holiday, why not spice it up a bit?

While you might think hot cocoa is pretty cut and dry -- there are actually tons of ways you can make it to jazz it up. Trust us when we say, however you make your unique hot chocolate creation, you'll be super pleased!

Take a look below at a few hot chocolate recipes you've got to try this winter.

1. Chai Hot Chocolate

2. Caramel Hot Chocolate

3. Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

4. Mexican Hot Chocolate

5. Cheesecake Hot Chocolate

6. Spicy Raw Cocoa

7. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Click through below for more warm drinks for fall:

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