Donald Trump on closing mosques: 'We're gonna have no choice'

Trump on Paris Attacks, 2nd Amendment Rights
Trump on Paris Attacks, 2nd Amendment Rights

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump doubled down on potentially closing down certain U.S. mosques during a Tuesday interview on Fox News.

Host Sean Hannity pressed on Trump on the topic, emphasizing that any shuttered mosques would be places where authorities could prove there was "terroristic threats" and "talk of jihad."

"Nobody wants to say this and nobody wants to shut down religious institutions or anything, but you understand this," Trump replied.

"We're gonna have no choice," he added.

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The Republican presidential front-runner generated national headlines earlier in the week when he said he'd "strongly consider" closing some U.S. mosques in order to combat terrorism.

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He noted that the French government is apparently considering the "dissolution of mosques where hate is preached" in the aftermath of last week's terror attack in Paris, which was linked to the Islamic State terrorist group.

"You're gonna have to do something," Trump emphasized during his Hannity interview. "Some bad things are happening -- and a lot of them are happening in the mosque. And you're gonna have to do something. And I'm not the only one saying this. Other countries are saying this, frankly. But some really bad things are happening."

Trump also repeated his controversial vow to kick out Syrian refugees in the US if he wins the presidential race.

"If they come into this country, they're going out. If I win, they're going out," Trump said, warning that the refugees could be "the ultimate Trojan horse" for terrorists.

"It's not worth the risk," he added.

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