Ciara opens up about grappling with 'mommy guilt'

Ciara & Russell Wilson's Romantic Mexican Vacay
Ciara & Russell Wilson's Romantic Mexican Vacay


Ciara's toddler, Future, is growing up fast. The adorable 19-month-old tot, whose father is rapper Future, has already been on tour with his talented mommy -- and he's becoming bilingual, learning how to count in Spanish.

Even though her little boy was able to join her on the "Jackie Tour" earlier this year, the 30-year-old singer admits she gets "mommy guilt" when she's away from him.

"I think sometimes I don't want to miss out on whatever cool moment that could happen. Because every day is something new," she told AOL in an exclusive interview.

The star recently spent some quality mommy-son time in on vacation in Mexico. Also in attendance was her beau, Seattle Seahawks quartback Russell Wilson. As for how Wilson's getting along with the tot, the beaming star coyly said:

"I have to say, life at home is pretty sweet. And everything flows very smooth. And I'm very happy."

It's clear that Future is the singer's No. 1 priority, and she said having a child changed "every aspect of her life in the best way."

"Having a child has made me make more sound decisions and allows me to be way more grounded with everything. Something about having my child just made me way more connected to everything -- knowing what I want and what I don't want. I'm more clairvoyant than I've been about anything."

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Though it's tough being away from her "little man," she's said becoming a mother made her even more ambitious to work hard to reach her goals.

"At the same time, I get 'mommy inspired' to go and work harder," she added. "I'm out here trying to reach my goals, and I also just want to make sure my son can truly live life the best way he possibly can. That kind of helps me turn my frown to a smile."

The star, best known for her huge hits "Goodies," "1, 2 Step" and "Oh," may want to give her son the world, but there's one thing she's totally adamant about in raising a young man.

See more photos of Ciara and her son:

"I think it's really important, especially of my child being a son, to really truly understand how to be gentleman because the male species is so strong and very capable. So I just want to encourage him to be able to do everything that he desires, but also know how to treat people in the process of achieving his goals."

One way Ciara is teaching her son about compassion is through example. The singer recently teamed up with Unilever in a new social media campaign #ShareAMeal -- with each tweet or Instagram using the hashtag, Unilver has pledged to donate one meal to Feeding America, just in time for the holidays.

"Being a mom, I connect to campaigns like this even deeper considering when I think -- what if my child was the one who didn't have a meal?" she said about the initiative. "The biggest payoff for me of my job is being able to use my voice for moments like this ... And I think you'll feel even better about yourself knowing that just by one tweet and one Instagram post that you put a meal on someone's table."

2015 Share A Meal Program
2015 Share A Meal Program

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