Ready to give birth? Womb surgery could be on the horizon for men

Uterus Transplants Could Help Infertile Women in the U.S. Get Pregnant
Uterus Transplants Could Help Infertile Women in the U.S. Get Pregnant

With the progress made so far in regards to the transgender community, many are wondering, what's next?

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According to Yahoo News, surgery could give anatomically-born men wombs of their own...sooner than you may think. Dr. Karine Chung, director of the fertility preservation program at the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine, thinks that science is getting close.

"My guess is five, 10 years away, maybe sooner," Chung told Yahoo News.

Uterus transplants are still in research stage, but progress is currently being made.

Dr. Christine McGinn, a plastic surgeon who performs transgender reassignments for both men and women, tells Yahoo News she is willing to bet that "every transgender person who is female will want to do it, if it were covered by insurance." McGinn, who is a transgender woman herself, explains the intense desire to be a mother.

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Dr. McGinn, along with the entire transgender community, is excited to see what the next decade will bring!

Here are some of the transgender activists making a difference today:

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